vision and values

redeem the eighth continent

 Advance the gospel by becoming the leader in Redemptive Metaverse Gaming — a technologically-advanced, immersive gaming experience that facilitates biblical literacy, health community and purpose-driven impact.


What could happen if the good news of Jesus met gaming and the unchartered metaverse? Could the Next Gen discover the grace of the gospel? Could they Witness Creation Unfold™?

The uwitiverse was born.

core values


Unity is not the same as uniformity. We listen, wonder and love rather than judge or cancel.


We all have one. An identity. A purpose. And a value. We discover it through Jesus' love.


We use our words wisely. Our keyboards kindly. And our witness winsomely.


Truth stands apart from opinion. We find truth in the Bible. It is timeless. Relevant. Applicable.

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target audience

Reaching young Millennials and Gen Z with the gospel is mission critical. 52% don't attend church. However, they spend 11-13 hrs per week gaming (largely in the multiplayer realm) and another 4.5 hours per day in social media. It's time to do what Jesus did — meet people where they gather.


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