"In today's hyper-critical, increasingly divisive, politics-driven world, the redemptive work that Cloud of Wit is undertaking in gaming and social through the uwit platform is essential and culturally relevant. Reaching the eighth continent with Gospel truth is mission critical."

"Gaming and social doesn't have to wasteful! Built on biblical principles like love, grace and redemptive truth, it can move people toward the unity Jesus prayed for. Reaching the next gen with redemptive fun is a creative endeavor like no other.

"The next generation desperately needs redemption. I'm humbled to lead a bold immersive vision and serve with a team that is faithfully following the call to advance God's kingdom and human flourishing in a digital world."

Mike Leahy

President & Executive Director

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Our team of highly experienced professionals are committed to redeeming the eighth continent with fun, truth and the love of Jesus Christ.

Diane Hoover

Creative Vision & Marketing

Kieran Lenahan

Next-Gen Vision & Strategy

Rich Phillips

Tech & Cybersecurity

Marlon Quan

Operational Vision & Strategy

Grant Hanson

Sales & Market Penetration

Mike Hoover

Chairman of the Board

"The seamless marriage of gaming, social and augmentation is a game changer for the local church youth ministry. The potential for moral impact on the next generation is unequaled.

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"The operational vision for uWit® is bold and ambitious. Yet it's essential to move from vision to application of God’s calling.  It's my career privilege to bring an important mission like uWit to the market.

"I want people to know the Jesus is both faithful and FUN! uWit is an essential and necessary enterprise to make that happen!"

"There is no greater privilege than participating in God's redemptive work. It's a tremendous opportunity and pleasure to serve with this visionary team on an incredibly ambitious vision that is on the bleeding edge of technology and church progression.