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A phased approach that brings the uwitiverse™ to life.
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Phase one is a fresh and fun way to engage the Next Gen with the greatest story ever told. uwit®daily transforms the daily devotional with an innovative digital makeover through a fun trivia experience. Players learn real truth and practical ways to apply Biblical wisdom every single day.

penetration & growth

  • Grass roots efforts

  • Integration with youth/college ministries

  • Social media marketing

  • User generated content

  • Virtual avatar events

  • Sponsorship of charitable events that ignite the heart of our target market

  • Launch date: December 2022

revenue streams

  • Advertising and Sponsorships

  • Merchandise sales

  • In-app purchases

  • Customized church content

Daily, culturally relevant spiritual teaching tied to a trivia game.
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Phase two leverages existing metaverses and avatar community with newly created multiplayer quests. Players participate in an intentional, spiritually-aware journey into fantasy worlds to discover identity-building content and real world application of Biblical principals. These gaming adventures incorporate mixed media with Biblical truth as players solve complex challenges and develop multiplayer community.
Mixed media gaming and bible study seamlessly integrated in a digital adventure.

penetration & growth

  • Increased penetration with youth and college age ministries

  • Social media and grass roots marketing

  • Integration of user generated content

  • Virtual avatar events

  • Opportunities to create and participate in outreach events

  • Projected launch: Late 2024

revenue streams

  • Free game with in-game purchases (new levels, lives, upgrade avatars, etc.) 

  • Church subscription model includes custom Avatar and AI-Voice creation

  • Hosted metaverse events

  • Fund-It-Forward charitable giving

  • Merchandise

A stand-alone, immersive platform that features an Immersive Bible Experience™, unique subscription-driven video games, avatar-based social interaction, hybrid Church integration and a shopping district.
Standalone, fully immersive metaverse ecosystem

penetration & growth

  • Optimal penetration with youth and college age ministries

  • Expansion to non-churched communities

  • Church and Business adoption

  • Social media and mass market advertising

  • Trade show and major event sponsorship

  • Creation of uwit charities

  • Projected launch: 2026-2028

revenue streams

  • Game subscriptions and in-game purchases and upgrades

  • Digital real estate leases

  • Business revenue sharing

  • Sponsorships

  • Avatar and AI-Voice creators

  • Merchandise

The gaming market is proven. The Bible tops the chart as the most sold book in all of history. Social media is billion dollar business. And, the metaverse is the most exciting new venture on the tech horizon. 

Our combination of ingredients — gaming, Immersive Bible Experience™ and impact-driven purpose — is a recipe for exponential profit and redemptive purpose. 

Market Opportunity

Market Potential