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redemptive tech + revelatory truth

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enhancing spiritual growth through innovation

Leveraging an attractive combination of gaming and player community, our vision is to develop an expansive gaming and entertainment ecosphere that encourages exploration of faith. Transformational trivia, story-based multiplayer games and an Immersive Bible Experience™ serve our chief mission: to bring the hope of the gospel to the untapped market space of gaming. 

a vast opportunity

Driven by a mission to redeem the 8th continent one player at a time, we are bringing redemptive truth to the spaces where 78% of the next generation gather daily. We are advancing the gospel in the town square of gaming.

Our experiential approach includes development of:

  • Fun, educational games that inspire adoption of spiritual truth and disciplines

  • An engaging, Immersive Bible Experience™ that increases biblical understanding

  • Team-based adventures to facilitate healthy community

digital immersion is here. sharing real truth in those channels is mission-critical.


A proven method in modern education, gaming increases participation, stimulates learning, fosters social interaction and encourages exploration


Multi-player, story-based adventures enable people to discover faith through a digital medium that naturally inspires curiosity


Deconstruction of faith and boredom with current models  necessitate innovative thinking. Gaming and immersive spaces add new dimension to relatability.

uwit® daily pairs trivia with personal spiritual application.
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