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From miracles to "miracling"

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I just recently learned that my daughter prayed a bold intercessory prayer over our lives a few years back. It went like this:

"God, make my life look like a Bible story. Could you also make my parents life look like one, too?"

I kid you not! My kid prayed that my life would require miracles. I don't know whether I should spank her or be thrilled that she wants to live a mighty life with God. I even wonder if God put that prayer on her heart.

Since team uwit is going to require miracles, let's look at a handful of them.

The Wine Miracle

To inaugurate his earth ministry, Jesus asks the attendants of a bride and groom to fill six 30-gallon jugs with water. Now look at in context.

  • There's no convenient running water or backyard hose. Jesus is asking the attendants to draw the water from a distant well and transport it back to the wedding.

  • Water in a desert environment is a precious resource, with a limited supply. To pour 180 gallons of water into pots is risky and impractical.

  • The pots were used for cleaning — not drinking

The attendants obeyed Jesus when it required extra, impractical effort. Their obedience honored friends and resulted in a delightful blessing.

The Food Miracle

The gospels record two times that Jesus fed a massive crowd. In the first miracle, the disciples found what was available. But in the encore performance, the resources came from within.

“How many loaves do you have?” Jesus asked them. “Seven,” they said, “and a few small fish.”

Jesus asks the disciples — who had already given up everything to follow him — to give up more of their precious resources to feed a crowd of GENTILES!! People they hated. Can you imagine the hesitancy? Yet the gospel records obedience. They brought their limited resources to Jesus, put on a waiter's apron, and fed a crowd of people they wanted no relationship with. The disciples walked in with seven lunchables and danced out with seven baskets of leftovers.

The Devotion Miracle

Mary anointed Jesus with oil, rubbing her hair across his feet. She offered everything she had — total devotion and a year’s worth of resources. Some ridiculed and accused her, claiming that those resources could have been used for better purposes — like giving to an existing charity. But those people had no idea how God had wired Mary’s heart. Today, every time her story is told, her gracious devotion continues to encourage. It has spurred some to give up savings for missions. It has inspired others to shun lucrative careers to advance the Kingdom of God. And for us, her story inspired us to lay every earthly resource we have at the feet of Jesus and participate with Him in redeeming the eighth continent.

The Burial Miracle

The same man who wrestled over the most famous verse in the Bible experienced a miraculous change of heart. Deeply saddened by His very costly death, Nicodemus (along with Joseph of Arimathea) provided resources for a very costly burial. The gospel records that Nicodemus supplied seventy-five pounds of myrrh and aloe. Today, that has an estimated value of $150,000–200,000. Nicodemus' gift invites us to overcome obstacles so that we can participate in Kingdom adventures.


From miracles to miracling.

As you process those miracles, I'm brought to this idea of a miracling. YES! I made that up. And we should have it emblazoned on a shirt. To "miracling" is to confidently cling to God-given promises while inviting Jesus to use us when He moves in mighty ways.

A real miracling

As we find ourselves in a real economic drought, investing in a venture like uwit might seem risky. So I'd like us to look at one last miracling.

Israel was in the midst of a severe drought. It was so bad that Elijah was hiding out in a creek for over a year, waiting for unclean ravens to bring him food. When Elijah finally gets back to civilization, God brings him to the nearest Marriott. Right? Nope! He sends him to the poorest person in town. A widow and a mother. With NOTHING! In fact, she’s literally preparing a last meal for her son.

When Elijah meets the widow, he says the most audacious thing — Feed me first. And the widow responds with the most unlikely answer. Yes! From that moment forward, God's kindness overflowed. He provided a resource that never dried up until the drought ended. Her faith netted miracles upon miracles.

A miracling in the making

Could God be inviting you into a miracling? To personally invest in uwit? Is it possible that God wants to provide overflow through these hard times as you willingly share what you have to offer with uwit? Would you pray this prayer:

Lord, what does it look like for me to be an attendant, a disciple, a Mary, a Nicodemus, Elijah’s widow? What are you asking me to do with my treasure to advance your Kingdom through uwit?

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