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Redemptive Gaming

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Redeeming the 8th Continent.

The next generation of digital — the immersion age — is on the horizon. So, also, is an exciting opportunity to bring innovation to timeless spiritual truth. Leveraging fun games, avatar-driven social and an Immersive Bible Experience, Cloud of Wit is advancing the gospel message through gaming to young millennials and Gen Z. Our games encourage adoption of proven spiritual disciplines while engaging players in healthy faith-based community. It's a Win. Win. For tech. And for truth.

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uwit® daily

Players get more than a game with uwit®daily! They get fun and faith wrapped together.


uwit®daily leverages redemptive gaming techniques like the exciting, new time-bound, one-daily play popularized by Wordle. 


Players answer three questions about culture, history and faith. Then our avatars tie that content to skills and advice to enhance life, strengthen faith and build healthy relationships with God and others. 

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About cloudofwit

gaming for the soul

We use gaming and next gen social to bring the gospel message of love to the next generation. 

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Partnership and Investing

Cloud of Wit is seeking investors to advance gospel immersion into the gaming ecosphere. Our vision includes micro gaming, adventure games, multi-player experiences and metaverse expansion. Talk to us today about redeeming the 8th continent one player at a time.

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